A Short Course On The Rules
“A Short Course on the Rules” is an educational tool that is designed to help both Rules experts as well as those who are just starting out on their journey to learn the Rules. The Short course is offered in annual seasons and takes a deep dive into a specific Rules topic in each “round” of that season. Season 1 wrapped up in 2020, but all of the content is still available below. Season 2 is underway and will run throughout 2021.
See below for some highlights of what is offered with each round:
  • Practice Area – Designed for those earlier in their Rules journey of those looking for a refresher, the Practice Area lays out the essentials of the topic being covered in that round. It includes written content, test-your-knowledge questions, and an original, detailed video overview from one of our Rules experts.
  • Quiz – “Play” our 9-hole Rules quiz to test your knowledge and get your name on the leaderboard. For those who participated in Season 1, the quiz in Season 2 will be expert-level (similar to last year’s Back Nine of the quiz).
  • Season Leaderboard – In addition to the leaderboard for each round, we will maintain a cumulative, season-long leaderboard for all of Season 2.
  • Live Round Recap Webinar – A live webinar with USGA Rules Staff recapping the round’s topic, reviewing select quiz questions in detail, and providing you with the opportunity to ask questions in real time.
  • “Thoughts on the Round” – A video recorded by USGA Rules Staff providing detailed insights and explanations of every question from the quiz.

For Season 2, each round of the Short Course will follow a 5 week cadence:

  • Weeks One and Two – The Practice Area is launched and available for review.
  • Weeks Three and Four – The 9-question, expert-level quiz is launched and available for two weeks.
  • Week Five – The live Round Recap webinar is conducted and Thoughts on the Round are released.

We hope you enjoy the Short Course!
** A note about the blue Login.Register option at the top right – This will only be required when taking the Short Course quiz for each round. But feel free to create your account any time! The single USGA Rules account/login will be integrated into more experiences in the future. Stay tuned!
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