Learn The Rules

Learn the Rules

Rules Education

Explore our Rules Education resources and discover why to know the Rules of Golf is to truly enjoy the game.

For any questions about our educational offerings, please reach out to us any time.

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Rules Workshops

The PGA of America and USGA bring together some of the foremost Rules educators in the game for workshops that take an in-depth look at the Rules and prepare attendees to work as Rules officials in competition.

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Rules Quizzes

Test your Rules knowledge with these interactive, multiple-choice quizzes available in basic, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels.

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Rules Topic Overviews

Choose from a list of curated Rules topics and then dive in to learn more with an overview, videos, FAQs, and more for each topic.

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Rules Short Course

“Play” the new Short Course on the Rules! Each piece in the Short Course series will focus on a specific topic and provide a video overview plus an 18-question quiz with a leaderboard highlighting the top scorers.

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Rules Facebook Group

Join our new Facebook Rules Group to interact with others interested in the Rules, ask questions, and answer our regular series of Rules questions.

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Rules FAQ

Search by topic or keyword to find answers to many of the most commonly-asked questions on the Rules of Golf. 

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Rules Videos Explained

Looking for short video overviews of the Rules topics most relevant to you as a golfer? The 12 Rules of Golf Explained videos here cover the situations you are most likely to encounter during a round.

Take the Rules On the Go!

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