Round 2 – Ball in Motion Stopped or Deflected


After watching the video above, feel free to test your knowledge with our quizzes below!

The “front nine” and “back nine” make up an 18-hole quiz on the topic of ball in motion stopped or deflected (Rule 11). This quiz is designed to be a learning experience for players at all levels of Rules knowledge. The front nine features more foundational, basic questions and is good for those who are in the beginner/intermediate category of Rules knowledge. The back nine features much more advanced questions and is good for experts and those who are seeking to learn more!

See below for some additional notes:

  • Quiz and leaderboard are no longer active, but the quiz is still available for your own learning and enjoyment.
  • If you click on the Materials tab above, you will also find the quiz questions, answers, and statistics as PDF documents.
  • See below for the final Round 2 leaderboard as well as a recording of the live “19th Hole Round Recap” webinar.
  • After taking the quizzes, please check out the detailed Thoughts on the Round document. This document explains each quiz question and answer in detail, along with some great insights into how the relevant Rule operates.


Quiz Leaderboard - Round 2:

Based on the round 2 average score of 14.1/18, the par was set to 14 (meaning a perfect score of 18/18 would be -4, 17/18 would be -3, etc.).

18 Hole Top Scores
Bob Ferguson -4
David Belden -4
David Jungk -4
Georgianne Koch -4
J. G. L. -4
James M Litvack -4
Jerry Glover -4
John Heyman -4
Josefa García -4
Alan Tarter -3
Bob Planansky -3
Courtney Jones -3
Craig Reading -3
Dan Michaud -3
Dennis Walsh -3
Dick Posey -3
Fred Kostecki -3
Gerry Bower -3
Gerry Coons -3
Jack P. -3
Jim Smitj -3
Joe Big -3
Joe Small -3
John Thorman -3
Luanne Z -3
Lyman Gallup -3
Mike -3
Paul Brown -3
Phil Gray -3
Randy H.  -3
Roger Davis -3
Stewart Jones -3
Tad Sanders -3
Tim Hulscher -3
Tom Toal -3
TOM W -3


Front Nine Perfect Scores:

Amanda Braun Fred Kostecki Josefa García
Andrew Conway Garry Brunson Joske
Army Gary Albin Julio G. Labora
Bill Fates George Jameson Kenbert
Bill Solomon Georgianne Koch Pat M
Bob Collins Gerry Paul Brown
Bob Ferguson James Litvack Paul E McAuliffe
Brian Faraday Jerry Glover Phil Bridges
Chris Roselle Jim Bowen Phil O'Sullivan
Christian Refice Jim Coakley Sam Ting
Courtney Jones Jim smitj Sergio Ortiz
Craig Reading Joe Stephen Swallow
Dan Michaud Joe Kosiarek Steve Block
Danny Kline Joe Salierno Stewart Jones
David John Cannella Tad Sanders
David Belden John Heyman Tim J. Murphy
David Cowger John Korvin Tom Baustert
David Jungk John Kugel Tom Toal
Dennis Walsh John Lambe  


19th Hole Round Recap: